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[the Adam's Yellow]

Early December finds fewer big rainbows at the mouth of Adams River but they are still there! Successful fly fishermen drift egg flies patterns at the river outflow into Shuswap Lake to connect with rainbow trout often more than five pounds! I started to experiment with an egg sucking leech pattern with the usual orange to simulate the sockeye egg. Much to my surprise, I found yellow to be far superior at least late in the season. In fact, rather than the usual brown marabou to represent a leech, an all yellow pattern seemed to be the answer for those hard fighting Adams River rainbows. Could it be that late in the season, the big trout also feed on decaying bits of flesh from the numerous dead salmon that are now everywhere in the river? This month, we will examine the Adams Yellow, a good fly for great action on late season Adams River trout!



The outflow of Adams River into Shuswap Lake is fairly swift so a few wraps of lead wire just behind the hook eye will help to sink the fly. Next tie in a strand of green krystal hair on the hook shank and allow it to project a few inches past the hook bend. Now tie in a yellow marabou tail, fairly thick and trim to about 1/2 the length of the hook shank. Use your invisible thread to snug the other half of the marabou tight along the hook shank which forms the fly body. Then wrap the krystal hair strand up the shank from the hook bend to hook eye. The final step is to shape a head about the size of a salmon egg using yellow wool just behind the hook eye. Tie off, cement and you have finished the Adams Yellow, an excellent drift fly for those big marauding rainbows! Oh yes, Merry Christmas and good fishing in 2002!

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